Toys & Goblins

Have a blast with the most cute and fun toy factory game!

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Meet the goblins, manage the toy factory, build hundreds of toys and make the world a happier place. An original, simplified approach to the crafting genre, with a menu-based user experience and fast content unlocking.

Genre: Crafting | Target: 15-35 y.o. Casual & mainly female | Platform: Android & iOS

Mistery Puzzle

A puzzle-battle game with brand new mechanics full of magic and fun.

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Mystery Puzzle is an addicting monster hunting experience on a cool urban universe full of monsters, magic and fun. An RPG accessible for everyone. Jack, Zoey & Tim are ready to rock, are you?

Genre: Puzzle & Battle | Target: Mid-core | Platform: iOS, Android


The animated series starring Jan, Rut, Ot and Nil, four young adventurers in a quest to find the legendary flute.

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Many years after all the magical beasts were caught and imprisoned in a secret place, the Boogie Man, the most fearsome of all the folklore creatures, will be accidentally liberated by four young adventurers. With world’s peace in danger, Ot, Rut, Jan, and Nil will start a quest for a legendary flute, the only weapon able of dealing with the wicked monster! Thanks to their force, balance, courage and wisdom, the values represented in each of the four kids, the magic flute will be recovered and the Boogie Man defeated once again.

Genre: Adventures, Folk & Humour | Target: 6–9 y.o. | Format: 26 x 13’

Dragon City

A social network game by Social Point to raise your own dragons and create a Dragon City.

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Character design for Dragon City videogame.
Dragon development from egg to level 3 or level 5 depending on its type.

Genre: Social Game | Target: Mid-core | Platform: iOS, Android, Facebook | Developer: Social Point


Conceived and designed as the new Monstec Astronomic Park mascot, Bòlid is a little meteor recently arrived to Earth.

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This character targets the smaller audiences promoting astronomy and science. Kids can enjoy his animated adventures at the 3D Full Dome and meet him leading all the school programs and family activities.

Genre: Adventures & Educational | Target: 3–9 y.o. | Format: 3’ 12”